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An essential requirement of growing healthy grass is plant food. Lawn grass, perhaps greater than any other plants, requires nutrients to maintain it green because its top growth is being constantly removed from mowing. If this is being done by some other plant, it usually dies completely ultimately, but grass is remarkably tough and may resist these kinds of treatment. However, which is all it will do, unless fed properly. http://hydrogeowiert.pl

By feeding your leaf litter and fallen branches via a chipper shredder, you'll be using chippings you can use in a number of applications around your home. For one, they are often tipped in your compost where they'll easily break down, putting the nutrients right back into the garden. For two, they could be distributed in your garden beds, providing your flowers and plants while using food and protection from weed growth that they can need. For three, they may be disseminate on aspects of your lawn where your children play, providing them with some cushioning.
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